1. What is the mission of Avocado Ninja?

Avocado Ninja equips you with the necessary tools to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. We provide nourishing, simple recipes made with ingredients that are accessible in most grocery stores. We love experimenting and trying new foods and encourage everyone to do this with our recipes and others.

2. What are your dietary preferences? What do you eat?

Avocado Ninja is all about health and wellbeing. For us, this means eating a diet comprised primarily of whole plant foods. We choose to avoid using specific labels for this, as it creates an unnecessary restriction on our lives. This is just our personal decision, and we have full support for people who choose to use these labels.

3. How can I become an Avocado Ninja?!

If you are here, you are an Avocado Ninja! If you try to live each day so it is better than the day before, you are an Avocado Ninja! We are a team of hardworking dreamers making our best reality possible.